Riding Roller Coasters – A Different View on the Life Perspective

The first drop was killer.

That second climb? Clearly intense.

The third free-fall was terrifying & just couldn’t let go…

The fourth round of sudden dips made me want to laugh & throw-up all at the same time.

Yet, those heart-stopping curves made me a bit more brazen.

The ups and downs made me anticipate a little more of the unexpected.

And that loop which turned my world upside down allowed me to finally let the safety bar go.Image

My verdict?

Get back in line & go again. The adventure gets better every single time.


The Planets Collide: Or How One Puppy “Adopted” Our Universe


Jupiter is Home

About a week ago, Walton Boy and I were living pretty carefree lives. And then came a picture of four Welsh Corgi/ Australian Cattle mix puppies into my inbox. The four darlings were residing at Canine Pet Rescue and were garnering much attention via the CPR Facebook page. I am a big softie when it comes to the “aww” factor, and usually have enough willpower to just walk away. However, found myself going back and looking at that photo wondering about them. I am a true animal lover, have raised many a 4 legged/fins/fur and helped care for more than one menagerie of pets growing up. Most recently, last July, I had to make the heart wrenching decision to put down my thirteen year old feline “baby” when she had a severe stroke. Many friends offered to help me locate another pet, but Lucy’s loss was too much to think about in my mind. So, a new animal- especially a puppy- seemed unlikely. Walton Boy also had his own share of pet loss; in fact, although at least 3 years had gone by, he still missed “Buck & Scoundrel .” We had certainly entertained the idea of getting a pet- but just like we sometimes can’t reach a decision on sushi at dinner, we kept a good dialogue going since no decision could be made. Someday. Just not now.
Now, there sat a picture, and as I told my dear Southern “Big Sister,” there was something about these puppies that was different. Maybe it was my attraction to the mixed breed, which i knew both were of smart canine ability. Plus, a Corgi was a breed WB and me had agreed upon. So I did the right thing, deleted the photo. Then promptly took the 2nd copy of the photo home on my iPhone to show Walton Boy. He raised an eyebrow. Ok, both. Were we ready? Did we want the responsibility? I could only keep coming back to a very solid, decisive and knowledgeable conclusive talking point. So cute, and uber adorable puppies! (Lucky for me, the analytical is better defined in WB than me.)
And we kept talking for the next 72 hours. And I made a general inquiry to Carla at CPR, for friends or colleagues, of course. Because these puppies needed someone. And I am a fixer and connector.
By Friday, WB leaned towards agreement we could visit and submit a general application but with the note, we were just looking. We both knew our hearts were hesitant because of former loss, and general uncertainty if we were ready. We would go, look, and think about it.
Saturday we drove to meet the puppies. It was a beautiful, crisp day and Big Sky Farm had a great many adoptions going on as we made our way with a volunteer to meet the puppies. We were solid and when we went in the kennel were soon devoured in angelic excitement and curiosity. The idea was to see which puppies would take best to us. As I sat with three roly-poly girl puppies clamoring for attention, I looked over to see the one boy pup being held by Walton Boy, the two of them alone in each other’s world. Did 5 minutes even pass by? Yes, we had found our pup. We did go outside and played with him – Walton Boy – being more dog practiced – tested him on agility, concentration, and several Galactic endurance quests to make sure “he was the right dog.” Ok, not exactly galactic, but we really wanted to be sure. I knew though, this little guy was ours. He accepted and played and listened. And then we decided! And in a wondrous blur, we were holding him, snapping a photo for the website, and hauling puppy chow and our new planetary wonder, Jupiter, to the truck. The next few hours Jupiter had his first road trip, naps, introduction to home, playtime, and more naps. And every so often, Walton Boy and I would look over and realize this little guy invaded our world with a big bunch of love. It has been a week, and we have had our share of adapting and welcoming him into our world.

Adopting-A-Puppy Advice

1) Puppy Time is not always human time, but he will TRAIN you to learn.
2) Leaves and twigs and grass are good toys. And potty time distractors. And way better than chew toys from PetSmart/Petco.
3) Get frequent shopper cards at the above mentioned stores. And stock. Because you will go there. A lot. Make a list. Seriously.
4) You will find yourself at an event, looking at your cell phone or a watch, wondering if you can sneak out for a chance to “throw the ball” instead of being AT the Ball.
5) A “bad day” is instantly changed and remedied by one good dog snuggle.
6) Puppies don’t know that 2p potty time is different from 2a potty time. But you need to just go. Or he will help you find an alternative. (See #1 for reference)
7) Playtime is the best part of the day. And the next, and the next…
8) Contrary to popular belief, you don’t “rescue” the dog. often it is the dog who “rescues” you. And your heart. And your world.

Our conclusion. Totally worth it. Definitely. Especially as I type this with a dreaming, warm puppy in my lap. Welcome Home, Jupiter. We love you.