Eating Local-Sustaining More Than Hunger- Go Local…Part 2


Local Food Cafes

Image by andy castro via Flickr

locavore:Someone who exclusively (or at least primarily) eats foods from their local or regional foodshed or a determined radius from their home (commonly either 100 or 250 miles, depending on location).

Imagine. A community embracing local in their daily existence through live, work, and play. It sounded like a pretty cool concept to me. I am not an expert on going local or even knowing a ton of history on the Locavore Movement…however, I do believe I can support my own community by shopping, dining, and buying local as much as possible. When I wrote the first post in the Go Local series, it made me take a second glance at my own everyday routine and habits of living local. I issued a challenge for everyone to embrace a First Friday tradition and embrace dining, shopping, or supporting a local business on a Friday during the first (or whenever most convenient) of the month. Still consider doing this if you are reading the challenge for the first time, or if it escaped the Endnote entry or reminder list on your calendar. Indeed, I even followed my own challenge and even tried to do a little more. I brought my lunch to work using produce and food items bought at a local farmers market. When Walton Boy and I went out on the weekend, we chose local, independent restaurants and entertainment. I admit it is a little intoxicating to leave your meal or business knowing you supported your own neighbor. Walton Boy is learning to smile and listen as throw on my Wonder Woman cape & get on the soapbox about issues- even this latest local kick. And he challenges me too when I might get a little too self-promoting. Because after all, it was easier to swing through the Chick-fil-a drive thru on my way to a Chamber meeting, or run over to that big “corporate toy store” to find the right baby doll in pink instead of running to the local toy store across town. We have all been there. However, my own advice in the blog was to find a way to make local convenient and not a hindrance. So the next phase of the Go Local challenge is to focus on “living local” for a week. For some of you, the attempt may be whole hog- shopping, dining, living by local 24/7. (I get that-I may have faltered at organized sports, but I do know how to ‘win’ competitively). Others may find a way to “fit in” the local support, try a new market or go to that local boutique you keep driving by on your way to the mall. There is no right or wrong. I figure if we all embrace at least one week of “going local” in one small or even one big way, our own Gwinnett Neighborhood is going to benefit in a profound way by you walking in and supporting a business. I suggest making it a game with the family, friends, or colleagues- there are quite a few locavore/local/sustainable web sites and searches out there. Get the kids to choose a place they find online or with a coin toss. Entice your co-workers to choose a local restaurant instead of a chain known for its locavore attitude. Do a “date night” at home only utilizing ingredients from the farmers market or local bakery. Or grab your girlfriends and meet up at the local java or tea shop instead of the universal coffee stop. You would be surprised what is up the street in your “backyard.”. I would love to hear your story, quips, some of your successes, and the challenges you faced. Remember it is a marathon, not a sprint…Let’s Go Local!

    “Starting Line” Links – Making it Easier to Pass the Baton

Helpful Guidelines to Buy Local
Georgia Farmers Markets
eat well guide: finding & supporting local


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